Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Goals near and far...

Everyone has goals right? Well here are a few of mine. Some I suppose are in reach, others....not so much. But I wanted to right them all down just the same. Here we go...
* Start sewing more often
* Try my hand at knitting
* Start a garden (organic of course)
* Get my dreads looking nice....it seems like they never will
* Go through all of my stuff and donate a ton of stuff. (Of course only to make room for more stuff, but I swear I plan to buy stuff that will truly stand the test of time...EX: no more plastics for my babe...instead more wood, wool, and natural materials like that.)
* Read more....more to myself and more to my little one
* Go through my really awesome craft book and try some out.
* Be in nature more often. I really do like the outdoors, but just too cold right now.
* Not to diet, but to be more healthy......
* Find more awesome, healthy, and cheap recipes to cook and feed my family.
* Do more needle felting
* Make at least one blanket for "Brady's Smile" charity. http://www.bradyssmile.com/
* On that (above) note... Go to the fabric store more often.
* Be more confident
* Be the best mama I can be.
Much, much more on my mind, but ... you know how it is.


  1. Great goals for all of us there!
    btw my (cheats) Turkish Delight was from my favourite little corner deli....but I think it's actually not too difficult to make anyway...maybe have a look on the net? Thanks for visiting me....it's been nice to pop in here too!

  2. You might want to try and check out Ravelry. It's on my blog roll. I love it - there are so many ideas, links, forums on knitting, felting, spinning, crocheting and there is even a forum on dreadlocks with links to other dreadlock sites/photos. As well, it has free patterns for beginner to advanced and has most crafts on there.

  3. lots of great goals, good luck with them all


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