Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Goals near and far...

Everyone has goals right? Well here are a few of mine. Some I suppose are in reach, others....not so much. But I wanted to right them all down just the same. Here we go...
* Start sewing more often
* Try my hand at knitting
* Start a garden (organic of course)
* Get my dreads looking nice....it seems like they never will
* Go through all of my stuff and donate a ton of stuff. (Of course only to make room for more stuff, but I swear I plan to buy stuff that will truly stand the test of time...EX: no more plastics for my babe...instead more wood, wool, and natural materials like that.)
* Read more....more to myself and more to my little one
* Go through my really awesome craft book and try some out.
* Be in nature more often. I really do like the outdoors, but just too cold right now.
* Not to diet, but to be more healthy......
* Find more awesome, healthy, and cheap recipes to cook and feed my family.
* Do more needle felting
* Make at least one blanket for "Brady's Smile" charity. http://www.bradyssmile.com/
* On that (above) note... Go to the fabric store more often.
* Be more confident
* Be the best mama I can be.
Much, much more on my mind, but ... you know how it is.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh how I miss...

The warmer months. It snowed here for the first time last week and it really (finally) felt like winter, but now that, that is over with....I want the warmth to come back!! I miss terribly those warm summer nights, cool breeze flowing through the air and being with my family and not worrying so much. I can't wait especially since my little man is older now and will be able to do more things outside this summer. I just know he is going to have so much fun. But in the mean time, here is a little look back at last summer. "Getting to know nature's children"
Liam is the king of the sky. haha.

I kid you not that mushroom was as big as a basket ball. Just compare with the leaves behind it.

This is such a wonderful image to me becuase it reminds me to be simple.

Ahhh....who can resist a fruit pizza?? Mmm...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Dreads...

Here are my dreads as of now. About 1 month old. Looking nice I'd say. And yes that is long, undreaded hair underneath. It was too short when I started my dreads and they came undone, so I just left them that way. It doesn't bother me. I actually kind of like it.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh How I Wish...

I just got through looking at the websites of http://www.novanatural.com/ and http://www.rosiehippo.com/ and sort of picked out a "wish list" (for my son...and for me too!! :) So...here it is. (Above)-This book just looked so neat!! Its my dream someday to have a really awesome playhouse built for my children.

(Above)-I have recently just looked into the healing qualities of baltic amber. Its so lovely looking as well. I hope to get one of these for my son and for myself as well.
(Above)- I really enjoy reading books on crafting and this of the sort and this book looked great.

(Above)- This book looks so cute. I love all things wool and think that this would be really neat to read.

(Above)-Okay, who can say no to a wooden brush. This thing is just awesome.

(Above)- If you haven't already noticed (by the name of my blog) I am totally in love with all things turtles. We are the turtle family after all and these things are just too cute. I would just love to have these sitting around my house.

(Above)- When I was in Sunday school when I was very little they had a wooden play kitchen and ever since then I wanted one, well that day never came so now I want one for my little one.

(Above)- I think this is just absolutley adorable.

(Above)- Like turtles, I love all things mushrooms and these are just awesome

(Above)- This is just so colorful and its also a kit....so you put it together yourself. Its just neat.

(Above)- This is the most adorable piece of childrens "eat ware" ever!!

(Above)-This is really really cool. I dont eat many nuts, but this is really awesome

(Above)-I can just imagine this over my son's bed or over a homemade fort. Its just too cool.

(Above)- Now, I am a vegetarian so it might be confusing to why I would want a lambskin for my son. Its hard to explain how I feel about this, but basically I have respect for animals, I love animals. And when an animal dies......I feel like their body should not go to waste. I guess I sort of feel like its a way of honoring the animal. They provide us with warmth and food at times. I feel like the way they are killed is important. I dont believe in factory farms or horrible places like that. I dont really want to get all into it right at the moment, but I hope you catch my drift. I have never really liked meat, but have always thought animals were beautiful and something like this lambskin would be something beautiful to have around.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Spicy Tofu Nuggets"...

Today I found a recipe for "Spicy Tofu Nuggets" off of a website called http://www.vegweb.com/ or ( http://vegweb.com/index.php?topic=10737.0 ) So I tried it out. Oh my goodness are these things good!! Yes I know they are fried, but having this once in awhile I think is perfectly fine. (yummy). Here I have posted a kind of "step by step" tutorial of making these super tasty vegan nuggets!!

(Keep in mind that I did a double batch so when you read the recipe its just for 1 block of tofu....oh and I added a few extra spices... Dried thyme, pepper, garlic salt, kosher salt, cayenne pepper). Enjoy!!

(Above)... This is what the batter should look like after you wisked the water and flour. Smooth ... Kind of like pancake batter.

(Above)... This is the tofu piece being tossed into the Panko Breadcrumb/spice mixture (yes, I used panko...I had never used it before this recipe and found it quite delicious)

(Above)... Frying the tofu nuggets. I ended up cutting these size tofu pieces in half. I thought the original size was kind of large...oh and on that note. You can also make them as thick or as thin as you would like. Depending of how "soft" you like your tofu to be. Also I didn't put so much oil in the pan that it completely drowned the tofu pieces.

(Above)... Here is the finished product after they were left to drain out the excess oil.

(Above)... And here is a piece being dipped into "Newmans Own Light Honey Mustard Dressing" Mmmm (It also tasted wonderful in some ketchup, but any dip that you like would be fine to use).

Lemon Pasta...

Here is a link to my famous "Lemon Past" that I posted on one of my favorite recipe website. Its sooooo gooooood. Enjoy.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Favorite Music...

Oh man oh man...I love love love Doc Watson. I was fortunate enough to see him play 2 summers ago...When I was pregant with my son actually. It was the coolest experience. He is such a legend. His songs truely take me to another place. Such a calm voice, with such a story to tell.
Okay, these guys are AWESOME!! I actually discovered the Avett Brothers while at the GrassRoots Festival here in Silk Hope, NC in 2006. They had only been around for a little while then...nothing big time and then next thing you know they are like this huge band with this almost "cult" following. Its so funny because they are all these little "Juno" type girls and guys. You know the ones...but I cant blame them...their just great. I remember walking out onto the field where I first heard them play. SOOOOOOOOOOO much energy. I had never seen anyone play the banjo like Scott played it. Truly unique. I also saw them again when I was pregnant with my son. At the same venue as I saw Doc Watson actually. Too cool.

I really like the Grateful Dead, but I like Jerry Garcia in what I think is his true "calling". Here playing with David Grisman. I (sadly) never got to see these two play together, but I wish I could have. From Arabia...to Jenny Jenkins....to Sitting here in limbo. I just love it all. and I really enjoyed the documentary they had made on these two.
So these are pretty much my favorite people to listen to and soothe my heart. If you've never listened to any of these people, you really should. :)

C-C-Cold and Random...

(1)- A top view... A picture of my way awesome (Grateful Dead) bandana that I got from a little store in Asheville, NC. (holdin' back those dreadies).
(2)-The back of the stove...2 chicken egg seperaters. (my mother's house).
(3)-Super puffy slippers. Looks dorky, but feels oh so warm. (Super slippery as well if I do say, anyone up for kitchen ice skating??) :)
(4)-No one said I had a green thumb......Did they?? (Lavender from last summer.....so sad)

(5)- Last but not least...The ice from my dogs' bowl. (Dang its cold here).

Pictures from my past...and present...

I found this picture going through one of my old photo albums. Its me when I was about 2 years old. (Sorry, the picture is a little blurry). And then the top picture is a picture I took today actually of my son....in his p.j's.....eating pizza... What a nice combination. I love him!! (Any resemblance?) haha.

Sewin' Time...

Here I have posted a couple of hats that my husband and I made (he made the hat in the first 2 pictures and I made the hat in the bottom 2 pictures). These hats were made using old sweaters (wool or mostly wool) that we found at our local thrift store. The first hat (the one my husband made was done using a pattern we found off the internet...which I found to be a little difficult, but I think he did a great job...he's not a sewin' kinda guy, so consider that as well. The hat I made I did by just looking at one of the other winter hats we had lying around. I did 4 points at the top rather than 5 (which is what the other hat had) I did make a hat with 5 points when I was just testing out how it would work and it turned out great, but its just easier to make it with 4 points. Maybe I will post a tutorial. Its quick, fun, easy, and cheap. And you can get about 2 adult size hats out of 1 sweater in most cases. Its just something that I enjoy doing.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Way back when...

Here are a couple of pictures from my past.

(1)- Josh when he had dreads....I can't remember if this is the first time he decided to have dreads or the second. (notice the nice wall decor) haha.
(2)-Josh and I and our first New Years together (*whoa...years ago*) ( I was 14 and he was 15 ).
This picture is so funny to me. I wish I were young like that again. No worries. (like our awkward body language?? haha. You can totally tell we were still shy with each other in front of other people.)


Wait!! Don't stain that ....ohhhh nevermind. Haha. He could eat these all day I swear. (Mmm...blood oranges, or as I like to call them "tiny grapefruits") Tangy!!


I made some "wild mushroom" soup yesterday. MMmmmmm....warm soup. ( Its freakin' cold in these parts ) :)

You have dreads?...Eww...

So I have dreads now....There is this huge misconception that when you have dreads you do not wash your hair. That could'nt be futher from the truth. Sure you might not wash as much, but you certainly have to wash your hair, otherwise your hair will become oily and your knotties will come out thus leaving you without your dreadies. So I just wanted to clear that one up. When I wash my hair I use Dr. Bronners peppermint soap. I LOVE this stuff. Not only does it just smell good. I feel like it really cleans my hair and scalp. I also use it as a body wash. You can use this stuff in soooo many ways. From washing your hair to washing your kitchen floor to brushing your teeth and washing the dishes. This soap also comes in bar form and comes in losts of different scents. ( I love the peppermint and lavender...ohh oh and tea tree ) You can buy this stuff pretty much anywhere these days, but your best bet would be a natural/healthfood store. I usually buy it from my local Whole Foods or Lowes Foods. I really really recomend this soap to anyone interested in buying a natural/organic soap!! (They make a baby soap as well).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I just love this picture...

My organic wearin', cloth diaper wearin', "attached parenting"... boy. haha ( Liam with his owl named Banner ).

Sewin' Mama...

Here are a few of the things I have sewn in the past. ( I will be posting more ). The woolies you see at the top are all made from sweaters I bought at my local thrift store. Gotta love the thrift store!!

Super Baby...

Here is my nephew....fly baby fly!! (See....he loves is auntie) :)


This is what happens when you get poked in the eye by a toddlers finger......

**(lower left hand side)**

A couple of my creations...yummy

Cast Iron (veggie) pizza & Raw hummus.........MMmmmmm...

For my son...

The quilt I made for my son a few months back.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I just have to show her off a little...

I feel like I have to show off my mom a little bit here. She hand makes these native american "style" medicine bags. She hand cuts and hand sews everything. All of the materials are authentic. She just does a fabulous job. She sells these bags on ebay under the name "ncbeadsnbags" These are just a few of many, many, many, many bags she makes. She is really dedicated to her work and loves making these bags.
( She also takes custom orders ). Go check out my mama!! :)


Burritos anyone? (vegetarian of course) hehe.

The Happy Turtle Family...

I just feel like I should give a little introduction of my family (all 2 members) : ) Above (for those of you who don't know already) is Josh, my husband. He is so smart and I absolutley adore him. He is the most perfect guy. (okay, maybe not perfect, but I love him just the same). Above all things he is a wonderful father. Which brings me to my next person. My son Liam. (also above--doing his "squishy cheeks" trick) He is the most awesome child. He is so smart and I am just so proud of all the things he can do at only 16 months old. He is my little Honeybear. I feel like the luckiest mama/wife!!

The Dreads...

Okay folks...so here it is. Here are my dreads. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, but they haven't made that much progress since the photo was taken. I'm guessing its going to take awhile for them to look like "real" dreads, but I guess thats the risk I took deciding to get dreads in the first place. :)

(Notice the awesome Smokey shirt i'm sporting)