Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pesto-Tomato-Spinach Sandwich

*Pesto-Tomato-Spinach Sandwhich*
(recipe makes one sandwich)

I created this sandwich today with ingredients I had on hand. I hope you will try this sandwich and enjoy it as much as I did!

*Start with freshley prepared pesto, about 2 Tbs
*2-3 Tbs full fat sour cream
*Half a medium tomato, sliced
*1/4 Cup baby spinach
*1 Mini ciabatta bread loaf
*Pinch of kosher salt
(all measurements approx.)

*In a small bowl, mix the pesto with the sour cream
*Cut open the loaf of ciabatta bread
*Slather the sour cream/pesto mixture onto both halves of the bread
*layer the slices of tomato evenly on the bread
*Sprinkle the salt over the tomatoes
*Top with baby spinach
*Add on the top of the ciabatta loaf

(This sandwich would also be lovely with some mozzarella slices or provalone cheese)

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Indigo Forest

Garden Vegetable Set

Our newest item from our Etsy store, The Indigo Forest is our garden vegetable set! We are so happy to be adding wood toys again to our shop. Thank you so much for taking a look. Have a wonderful day. God bless.