Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Spicy Tofu Nuggets"...

Today I found a recipe for "Spicy Tofu Nuggets" off of a website called or ( ) So I tried it out. Oh my goodness are these things good!! Yes I know they are fried, but having this once in awhile I think is perfectly fine. (yummy). Here I have posted a kind of "step by step" tutorial of making these super tasty vegan nuggets!!

(Keep in mind that I did a double batch so when you read the recipe its just for 1 block of tofu....oh and I added a few extra spices... Dried thyme, pepper, garlic salt, kosher salt, cayenne pepper). Enjoy!!

(Above)... This is what the batter should look like after you wisked the water and flour. Smooth ... Kind of like pancake batter.

(Above)... This is the tofu piece being tossed into the Panko Breadcrumb/spice mixture (yes, I used panko...I had never used it before this recipe and found it quite delicious)

(Above)... Frying the tofu nuggets. I ended up cutting these size tofu pieces in half. I thought the original size was kind of large...oh and on that note. You can also make them as thick or as thin as you would like. Depending of how "soft" you like your tofu to be. Also I didn't put so much oil in the pan that it completely drowned the tofu pieces.

(Above)... Here is the finished product after they were left to drain out the excess oil.

(Above)... And here is a piece being dipped into "Newmans Own Light Honey Mustard Dressing" Mmmm (It also tasted wonderful in some ketchup, but any dip that you like would be fine to use).

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