Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I might be a beginner, but I think this is pretty good...

As some of you may already have read, I have been working on my needle felting skills and this little lady is my most recent finished project. She's only about 4 inches tall. Its my best work yet!! I still don't know all the techniques, but I'm learning by trial and error. Its very relaxing for me and in the end my child has something soft and natural to play with (although I havent let him do so much as briefly hold this one....I'm too proud of if to let him start tossing it around right now...haha). She is suppose to be a pregnant gnome, but the tummy is a little hard to see in my opinion (something I will have to work on), but all in all...I'm happy with it. Let me know what you all think!!

Also, Here below is a half quart size mason jar full of homemade laundry soap (Fels-Naptha, Borax, and Washing Soda) Very simply to make and I really like using it!! I'm just wondering if it will be safe to use on cloth diapers when my little one makes his/her entance into the world!!