Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Summertime is upon us and I've been making slushies! These slushies are so tasty and they require very little work. I didn't measure anything (as usual), but it's all pretty basic.

:: Water+Ice+Fruit+organic sugar+Secret Ingredient = Yummy!

Now yes, I did say sugar (organic)...it's an ingredient that you could use or just use the natural sweetness of the fruit to do the job. I however was using a lot of sour lemons in my recipes, so they required the extra sweetness in my opinion.

 First up, we have the ever so yummy tropical slushie! Pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, and lemon! (a bit of coconut water/milk would be lovely in this!)
 This was more simply a mixture of lemon (about 3 plus the zest of 1 or 2) and a handful off blueberries!
 (Don't you just love that pale pink color?) Again, a very simple blend of strawberry and lemon! It was a toss up between the lemon-strawberry and the lemon-blueberry. They were both soooo good it was hard to decide which one was my favorite.

Oh yes, I almost forgot! My "secret ingredient" for all of these drinks are pure vanilla extract! *shhhhhhhh about 1.5 teaspoons for each recipe. Sooooo good! It really gives it a good balance and makes these slushies extra special. I hope you all are enjoying your summer and if you want, experiment with your own slushie recipes! Different fruits, using honey instead of sugar, coconut milk! I'm sure I'll be enjoying a few different ones this summer.

God Bless!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Life Within All That Is...

My husband was helping prune a tree and found this lying on the ground, cut by the man he was helping. It was a part of the tree that had been previously wounded and then healed itself. When my husband picked it up, he couldn't help but notice how this piece looked remarkably like a fetus. He brought it home and showed me. I was blown away! It resembles a baby at around 4 or 5 weeks gestation. Here my younger sister is modeling the piece, amazingly enough...the day I took this picture, is the day my sister found out she was pregnant. 4 weeks pregnant to be approximate. : ) Small wonders.