Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh how I miss...

The warmer months. It snowed here for the first time last week and it really (finally) felt like winter, but now that, that is over with....I want the warmth to come back!! I miss terribly those warm summer nights, cool breeze flowing through the air and being with my family and not worrying so much. I can't wait especially since my little man is older now and will be able to do more things outside this summer. I just know he is going to have so much fun. But in the mean time, here is a little look back at last summer. "Getting to know nature's children"
Liam is the king of the sky. haha.

I kid you not that mushroom was as big as a basket ball. Just compare with the leaves behind it.

This is such a wonderful image to me becuase it reminds me to be simple.

Ahhh....who can resist a fruit pizza?? Mmm...


  1. Wish i could share some of our heat

  2. Oh I love that clothesline pic....there is something so satisfying and delicious about a line full of cloth nappies isn't there....all that white and the smell of the sun!


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