Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh How I Wish...

I just got through looking at the websites of and and sort of picked out a "wish list" (for my son...and for me too!! :) it is. (Above)-This book just looked so neat!! Its my dream someday to have a really awesome playhouse built for my children.

(Above)-I have recently just looked into the healing qualities of baltic amber. Its so lovely looking as well. I hope to get one of these for my son and for myself as well.
(Above)- I really enjoy reading books on crafting and this of the sort and this book looked great.

(Above)- This book looks so cute. I love all things wool and think that this would be really neat to read.

(Above)-Okay, who can say no to a wooden brush. This thing is just awesome.

(Above)- If you haven't already noticed (by the name of my blog) I am totally in love with all things turtles. We are the turtle family after all and these things are just too cute. I would just love to have these sitting around my house.

(Above)- When I was in Sunday school when I was very little they had a wooden play kitchen and ever since then I wanted one, well that day never came so now I want one for my little one.

(Above)- I think this is just absolutley adorable.

(Above)- Like turtles, I love all things mushrooms and these are just awesome

(Above)- This is just so colorful and its also a you put it together yourself. Its just neat.

(Above)- This is the most adorable piece of childrens "eat ware" ever!!

(Above)-This is really really cool. I dont eat many nuts, but this is really awesome

(Above)-I can just imagine this over my son's bed or over a homemade fort. Its just too cool.

(Above)- Now, I am a vegetarian so it might be confusing to why I would want a lambskin for my son. Its hard to explain how I feel about this, but basically I have respect for animals, I love animals. And when an animal dies......I feel like their body should not go to waste. I guess I sort of feel like its a way of honoring the animal. They provide us with warmth and food at times. I feel like the way they are killed is important. I dont believe in factory farms or horrible places like that. I dont really want to get all into it right at the moment, but I hope you catch my drift. I have never really liked meat, but have always thought animals were beautiful and something like this lambskin would be something beautiful to have around.

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