Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's my age again?

               Gift certificate to Stick Boy. Thanks to my little sis.
      My new beautiful sterling silver wedding band. (I'm not much for the flashy stuff. This is Perfect!!)

                               Beer from Natty Greene's

                      The best cheesecake EVER!
                                   I love her!
                                My chamomile brew.
                                  Enough said.
Well, another year older, another year wiser. It's strange. On every single one of my birthdays, I know...okay. I'm an entire year older. Today should feel different. I spend the whole day thinking it should feel different and I feel as though it doesn't, but because of actually does feel different. (okay, that may not have made sense to you, but it does in my own It seems it takes me awhile to adjust to a new age. I'm embracing it. So yesterday I spend the whole day indulging. It felt good I must admit. The day started off with my absolute FAVORITE spot to grab a coffee and a muffin. Stick Boy Bread Company. Mmmmm....... Seriously. Then my sweetie pie husband took me out on a (kid-free) date to Natty Greene's Pub & Brewing Co. It was REALLY good. I had a lovely brew...made with chamomile! We then headed over to another one of our favorite local spots in town. Aviator Brewing Co. The place has such a good atmosphere. The weather was gorgeous for such a day. I had a truly wonderful 23rd birthday.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Simple Happiness...

One of my favorite things to do is to photograph the simple beauty in everyday life. I had been using my mothers older digital camera to capture moments from my day to day life, but my dear husband decided enough was enough. He so sweetly bought me a wonderful new camera for my birthday/anniversary present. I love it!! I have hardly put it down since I opened it. Needless to say I have been snapping photos left and right. It really was the most perfect gift.
Simple Happiness....

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Little Space...

Our little space is made up of so much. Art, music, crafting tools, family heirlooms, much of these things I'm sure fill almost anyone's space. This is ours. Our unique space. A space that we hope to one day leave. We feel this is just our temporary home. We are still looking for that place where we can plant ourselves and spread our roots. It's going to happen. One day. Until then, we are trying our best to look at what we have and make it ours as much as possible. So here, ladies and gentlemen is the space we currently call home.

It may not be perfect, but its ours. Our space.