Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Favorite Music...

Oh man oh man...I love love love Doc Watson. I was fortunate enough to see him play 2 summers ago...When I was pregant with my son actually. It was the coolest experience. He is such a legend. His songs truely take me to another place. Such a calm voice, with such a story to tell.
Okay, these guys are AWESOME!! I actually discovered the Avett Brothers while at the GrassRoots Festival here in Silk Hope, NC in 2006. They had only been around for a little while then...nothing big time and then next thing you know they are like this huge band with this almost "cult" following. Its so funny because they are all these little "Juno" type girls and guys. You know the ones...but I cant blame them...their just great. I remember walking out onto the field where I first heard them play. SOOOOOOOOOOO much energy. I had never seen anyone play the banjo like Scott played it. Truly unique. I also saw them again when I was pregnant with my son. At the same venue as I saw Doc Watson actually. Too cool.

I really like the Grateful Dead, but I like Jerry Garcia in what I think is his true "calling". Here playing with David Grisman. I (sadly) never got to see these two play together, but I wish I could have. From Jenny Sitting here in limbo. I just love it all. and I really enjoyed the documentary they had made on these two.
So these are pretty much my favorite people to listen to and soothe my heart. If you've never listened to any of these people, you really should. :)

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