Friday, March 27, 2009

A Little Bit About Me...

Yes I'm that bored right now that I think I'm going to list a few things about me that you are probably not interested in knowing. Enjoy. :)

*I suffer from severe rosacea
*I was a vegetarian for 3 years before discovering Traditional Foods
*I love love love to cook
*I was born in Southern California, grew up in Washington state, and now live in North Carolina
*My oldest half sister is only 7 years younger than my mom.
*Including myself there are 6 siblings (we all have the same father)
*I want to have another baby.
*I can sing, but I am way to shy to ever let anyone hear me.
*I am in love with the mountains here in NC.
*I really dont like the beach.
*Being in middle and high school were the most horrible years of my life. (just "in-school" life)
*I never really aspired to be anything else but a house wife (I believe its my true calling.... I love being a wife and a mother).
*I have a really big - big toe...haha.
*I want to have a natural childbirth next time around.
*I love to sew even though most times I get frustrated when trying to sew something... its still something I like to do.
*I dont shave my underarms...
*My husband and son are my life and I couldnt function without them.
*I have an extreme phobia of ... ahem... vomiting. (seriously...I freak out... badly).
*I have a dog named Maggie Moon, and a chinchilla named Zellie.
*When I get pregnant next...I kind of hope its a girl.
*I've been with my husband since we were 14 and 15 years old.
*I want to move, but I dont want to move.
*I am Catholic
*At one point when I was younger I wanted to be a nun.
*My favorite scent is Nag Champa... It always will remind me of my childhood best friend.
*I love going to the farmers market in spring and summer.
*When I was younger I spent most of my time outside playing barefoot in the apple orchards and swimming in the town's lake. That was the most fun I've had in my whole life...On that note...
*I wish I was little again.
and lastly...
*I firmly believe that everthing has a purpose and happens for a reason.
(of course this is not EVERY intersting thing about me, but...)

Haha, sorry if you all are totally bored right now reading all of this. But I appriciate it. I hope you'll return when I have posted about an actual interesting subject.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hello Everyone...

I'm updating a little sooner than I thought I would be, but oh well....its my blog and i'll write when I want to. (haha). So since yesterdays post my family and I have worked in our garden...putting the finishing touches on things -next up is planting some seeds- here is our line up:
*Green Beans
Thats all I can think of at the moment...I'm sure i'm forgetting a couple. Anywho... Also since yesterday we have had at least 3 of our eggs start to hatch. We are so excited. And so I will leave you with a few pictures that I took today. Enjoy!!
(above)- Here are my feet after working in the garden....See that big toe? I'm famous for that big toe....It seriously "runs" on my dads side of the family. Haha. Everyone knows that "Kellie has a really really big....big toe" But I'm damn proud of it!!
Here we have my feet in my garden shoes (otherwise known as "crocs"). They make good gardening shoes I think.
Our rusty ol' birdfeeder in the front yard.
The top of the feeder.... (I really like how the close up pictures turned out!!)
Our pine cone bird feeder which use to have some peanut butter and feed smeared on in.
Nothing says "summer" like clothes (especially diapers) being hung outside for the nice warm sun to dry them.
Here is our garden thus far.....
Not bad for first time gardeners I'd say.
My husband found this little fella with part of one of his back legs missing.....thats why he is sitting so still for the picture. :)
My little guy standing in front of our storage shed.
My husband putting the border around our garden.
A little "before" shot of the garden.
Here is a picture of one of the eggs that started to pip. (the first one in fact)..... *Top middle egg*

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some updates and tons of pictures...

So I know its been awhile since I've posted (sorry). I have been super busy. My husband and I have started to work on our garden. I've never had a garden of my own before so I'm really excited. We have been preparing a spot for our garden the past week or so. Haven't been able to do much the past few days because its been so cold and rainy, but as soon as it warms back up I hope to get back out there and fix it on up. We need to mix in some compost (store bought because we have already used up the small amount of home-made compost we had) and make sure that its not going to freeze anymore and hopefully plant some seeds after that!! (cross your fingers that this garden turns out a ton of veggies and herbs)!!. Also we have been incubating some chicken eggs that we got from my sister-in-laws homeschool group (I've been meaning to get some pictures....another time perhaps). They should start pipping around the we're really excited to see how they turn out!!. But here are some pictures that I have taken recently...some of our garden, Liam, and Liam's new lambskin comforter!! Enjoy and have a wonderful day!! (above)...So here is our Maggie-girl sleepin' on our sweet.
Liam and daddy lookin' out our bedroom window
Still looking....
Liam and his dirt face
Our unfinished chicken coop that my husband is building.
The garden area.
Liam and his really neat cow rain boots that his Gramps bought him. (great for the garden!!)
Gettin' dirty!!
Putting dirt on his sippy cup (I caught him eating some dirt from the garden that day....haha)
Diggin' and diggin'...
A really neat root I found while digging.
Our little garden catty for the day.
Josh(hubby) Digging...
Liam and his dirty cloth diaper...
Drinking some ice water...
"I Am The Garden Warrior"!!!!!!!!
Still sippin' away....
another view of our backyard...
Liam on his lambskin and quilt I made for him.

Ahhh...cozy sleeping.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mellow Liam...

This picture was taken at the Mellow Mushroom in Asheville, NC (my favorite one btw). I just love how this picture turned out.... especially because it was taken with my phone. Hope you are having a lovely day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ooo, Ohhh.... Look what I just bought!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooooooooo excited right now!! I just bought a lambskin comforter (unshorn, from Bowron Babycare) for my little one (okay, for my husband and I too) *wink. I have been wanting one of these for soooo long. I got a pretty nice deal for it too. OHHHH it looks so soft. I cant wait to get it!! **(baby not included). haha.

Woolie Woolie Woolie.....

Well, I do. : )

Monday, March 2, 2009

Italian Wedding Soup & A Hair Ball.....

Okay....I know its sound totally gross, but I can explain.....I swear!! As most of you know who follow this blog or have seen some of my post at MDC....know that I have dreads, well.... HAD dreads.... yesterday I had my mom brush each and everyone of them OUT!! It took about 2 hours total and I really dont regret it. I had my dreads since Dec. 23, 2008.....and I guess all I can say is they weren't really want I wanted. I just felt like a mess and I cant believe I didnt have to shave my head....Oh boy was I glad about that. I really dont know if i'll ever have dreads again, but I can say that if I do decide to have them again I am going to take better care and probably wait till my hair is a bit longer. ( Oh thats something I'm loving now is my longer hair -- oh oh and the ability to run my fingers through it!!) Now about the whole "hair ball" thing. I guess as some would figure...having dreads means not brushing your hair...rriiiighhhtt?? Well, when we brushed out my hair you can imagine all the hair that was just waiting to come out as soon as that comb touched my head.... so I was left with this HUGE ball of hair. And then I thought "well I cant just let all this hair go to waist.... LETS GET CREATIVE..... so, I pulled out my felting needle and a bit of wool and Ta-Da!! I GOT A BIG BALL OF HAIR WITH A PRETTY LITTLE SWIRLY THING AROUND IT. Okay, maybe it is a little strange....creepy perhaps, but I look at it as my little souvenir for having dreads.... haha. Well, I think its pretty cool. Now on to the yummy part of the blog (and my first set of images here). I was watching Barefoot Contessa today and OMG!! I saw her make some Italian Wedding Soup and it looked I just HAD to make some. It was a big hit. And instead of making the meatballs out of chicken/chicken sausage....I made them out of turkey/turkey sausage. It was sooooooooooo good. I am so glad I'm not a vegetarian anymore (haha). I pretty much followed along the lines of this dish being a "traditional foods" dish. At least I can say that it was a "real foods" dish. I also made some homemade wheat bread today to go with the soup. Mmmmm..... It was all so so good. Well, I hope you all enjoy these pictures and have a wonderful day!! Mmm... Such a wonderful soup!!

Here is my creepy/crafty little hairball. haha.

Before the finishing touches were put on it.

How the heck did she manage to get my hair un-knotted??