Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Check out my mama!!...

I'm here to do a little bit of promoting for my mother. I really wanted to show everyone the beautiful work she does ALL BY HAND!! No sewing machine used here. She has been making native american inspired artwork for about 20 years now. She is a mostly self taught artist and is very good at what she does. She hand cuts, and laces all of her bags. She only uses the very best materials in all cases (beads, stones, leather, etc...) She has been selling her art on Ebay for a few years now ( www.myworld.ebay.com/ncbeadsnbags/ )and just expended to selling her art on Etsy. ( http://www.ncbeadsnbags.etsy.com/ ) She also does a lot of custom work. She makes bags in all shapes and sizes and always welcomes a challange. If you want something, she can make it!! She has had her work shipped all over the world to very grateful buyers. Her feedback is GREAT!! She also does custom burn work on her leather. She does everything from very traditional work to renaissance inspired to children inspired. My mother is a wonderful SAHM/WAHM who is just trying to get her work out there and I wanted to help. (She also has a wonderful line of christmas bags available now). Here below are just a few examples of her work. Thanks for checking my mama out!!

(**she also makes earrings, hand loomed hat bands, and rosaries)
(**she ships internationally on her ebay site)

Friday, November 6, 2009

A couple of new things to show.

This past week I did some searching on Etsy (of course) for a really nice birthday present to give to my husband. I new he wanted a new mug. I came across this really awesome handthrown mug with a couple of neat dancing bears of the front and a nice big piece of real cork to top it off. It's so lovely and is very well made. I thought this would be the perfect mug to get him. He loved it!! Also, The whole family (well, almost) has gotten some Baltic Amber pieces recently. They are so beautiful!! The picture below is the one bought for my son. The color scheme for this anklet is Honey and Molasass. (Yes, the amber was yet another Etsy purchase)**smile.