Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sorry Folks....

(Harrimen, TN)

(My sister and I in front of Graceland at the "Elvis Wall")

(The little one's asleep parked outside of Graceland -- My son and my sister's son)

(Liam eating cake from my 21st birthday)

I totally skipped town without notice. I just came back from visiting in TN and didn't even say as much as an "I'll be back"..... Sorry folks. It was a crazy journey....my son getting sick a few times, driving allllll over the place, it being my 21st b-day, seeing graceland (from the outside)..hehe, and seeing my grandparents for what I believe will be the last time...ever. Here are just a couple of pictures from my journey. I will hopefully post more soon. Enjoy.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lookie what I got!!

I just recieved my copy of "Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year" By Susun S. Weed in the mail today and I'm so excited!! I have been flipping through it and there are so many wonderful tips and remedies from fertility to how to get rid of cradle cap, all done naturally and all with the help from wonderful herbs. I highly recommend this book to ANY WOMAN!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm not a veg-head anymore!!

*Breaking News* The Evans family is no longer *vegetarian*, but instead have adopted a "Traditional Food Diet".

Thats right folks......after doing quite a bit of research today my husband and I have decided to stop with the vegetarian lifestyle we adopted over 3 years ago and switch to a "traditional food(s) diet" We decided that we just weren't healthy. Within the 3 years that we have been *veg we have both gained a lot of weight and just over all have been unhealthy. I have developed terrible rosacea on top of it all. I have recently talked to a bunch of moms on MDC who have bascially experienced the same things I have been going through since becoming *veg and most of them switched to a "TFD" and all feel better and are over all healthier. I have a lot of confidence that this will help my self as well as my family to living a more healthful life. I recieved a load of great advice today as well as book recomendations to get me started and I thank each and everyone of you. This will be a lifestyle learning process, and i'm excited to see the results that will come from being on this diet. "One step at a time".

(I had my first burger today -- first one in 3 years and I have to say that I'm not as disgusted as I thought I would be eating meat again, but it was different. We have decided that we will only eat all natural/organic/local BEEF. Nothing else. One thing that was perticularly hard for me to do was see my son (who is 17mo) eat meat for the first time. But as soon as he had a bite he responded with a "MMmmmmm". So I guess he was a meat eater all along. (haha). ) I will have pictures up soon of "Meat Eating Experience" (lol). **more explanations of why we went for the TFD coming up within the next few blogs so stay tuned**

(TDF= Traditional Food(s) Diet)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Look! Look!

Lookin' like real dreads..............rrrrright?


These were all just a few pictures I took from around the house. I love trying to take unique pictures. I'm using my parents camera which actually isn't anything special....just your regular ol' digital camera....which is why I'm suprised these photos turned out so well. I must say I'm a little pround of myself. *smile....*giggle....

The Holy Spirit and .... my dreads?

I, being Catholic am very proud to say that I believe in God/Jesus. The Holy Spirit is what keeps me going. Thank you Lord for all that I have and all that I have experienced...good and bad. Everything happen for a reason. Moving on ... Here are my dreads as of today. My husband just got done palm rolling them and I think they are looking pretty nice. I haven't used wax in awhile and I'm liking how they are coming along. I have more and more hope in my hair each day. haha. I really like washing with baking soda. I think it really tightens up the dreads nicely.
And for my next project........ I'm making a quilt!! Its a little project i'm putting together for my birthday (for myself and family to enjoy).... I will have pictures up of my whole process (soon, hopefully). I just got most of the materials today. I just loooooooove going to the fabric store and seeing all the different prints.... Its just so neat.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Family Time...

Josh and I
Tired house wife??

Not paying attention to my background...Dreads coming along...and...I think I like this picture. It makes me look thin...hahahaha.

Blurry baby and mama picture.

Mama and Daddy Hoops...

Here are the big hoops that we made. Pretty neat dont you think? I cant wait to experiment with some different kinds of tape and make it really neat looking.

Liam's little hoop...

Here they are just like I said they would be. Pictures of the hula hoops my husband and I made. (He makes the hoops I decorate them....well, except for his...he wanted to to his own. :) It was pretty fun to decorate them. We used some different colored electric tape and put funky designs on them. It was a really fun project to do, but most of all it was fun to test them out afterwards. One of my goals that I didn't really mention was to looses some weight and I never thought about it before a few days ago that hula-hooping could be a great way to get a good work out. And I think it fits my lifestyle so much. It would be so awesome to hula-hoop to some good tunes outdoors.....(Ahh, dreamin' of summer time again)....Anyway, here are some pictures of the hoops. Enjoy. We even made a little hula-hoop for Liam

So cute.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I've been experimenting with food lately....(Gee, like I always do). And I have been trying to perfect my tofu cooking skills. I found this recipe for blackened (spice) tofu. And it was to be grilled, well I decided to try grilling it on the George Foreman....yes, the George Foreman. And well....It gave it nice black marks, but hardly gave it a nice crispy outer later...so I decided to bake it for a little while.....That hardly did anything either...so I decided to put a little olive oil in a pan and fry it just to crisp up the outside of the tofu. And after the 3 way cooking method ... it turned out pretty darned tasty. So here is is, my 3 way tofu. (Before)
(After)---I took the tofu and made burritos out of it....complete with homemade guacamole, salsa, and some Tofutti sour cream (Guac & Salsa courtesy of my mother).

We had asian last night and my mom whipped up one of my favorite foods... Vegetarian egg rolls. sooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooood.

Oh and remember these? HAYSTACKS!! I haven't had these since kindergarted so I decided to make some with the "crunchy noodles" (lol) that we had leftover from our asian feast. They brought me back.

And of course I had to include a picture of my man....my little man that is. Isn't he just so handsome? More pictures to come folks on my husband and my new project. HULA HOOPS!!