Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sorry Folks....

(Harrimen, TN)

(My sister and I in front of Graceland at the "Elvis Wall")

(The little one's asleep parked outside of Graceland -- My son and my sister's son)

(Liam eating cake from my 21st birthday)

I totally skipped town without notice. I just came back from visiting in TN and didn't even say as much as an "I'll be back"..... Sorry folks. It was a crazy journey....my son getting sick a few times, driving allllll over the place, it being my 21st b-day, seeing graceland (from the outside)..hehe, and seeing my grandparents for what I believe will be the last time...ever. Here are just a couple of pictures from my journey. I will hopefully post more soon. Enjoy.


  1. hi, nice to have you back and happy 21 birthday!! your only a couple of months older than me, my 21 is in june. me and my partner are wanting to try for a baby soon so its nice to know that your a young mum and seem very happy. would you mind sharing any experience/tips or whatever, how you have felt about being a young mum? it would help me as ive always wanted to be a mum but i still have a few little doubts that creep up (am i doing the right thing, what if it put strain on our relationship and we didnt last etc.) if you dont mind could you please email me a reply (as dp doesnt want tell his parents until im pregnant and they sometimes read my blog) my email is karzyjj@hotmail.com

  2. oh, and im in love with your sleeping babies pic, so cute:)

  3. hey, not to be a stalker lol posting 3 comments on one post but ive given you a blog award on my blog:)


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