Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Holy Spirit and .... my dreads?

I, being Catholic am very proud to say that I believe in God/Jesus. The Holy Spirit is what keeps me going. Thank you Lord for all that I have and all that I have experienced...good and bad. Everything happen for a reason. Moving on ... Here are my dreads as of today. My husband just got done palm rolling them and I think they are looking pretty nice. I haven't used wax in awhile and I'm liking how they are coming along. I have more and more hope in my hair each day. haha. I really like washing with baking soda. I think it really tightens up the dreads nicely.
And for my next project........ I'm making a quilt!! Its a little project i'm putting together for my birthday (for myself and family to enjoy).... I will have pictures up of my whole process (soon, hopefully). I just got most of the materials today. I just loooooooove going to the fabric store and seeing all the different prints.... Its just so neat.


  1. yay, love quilts and especially love seing them from different people, everyone chooses different fabrics and patterns to suit their personalities, look forward to seing yours come together!


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