Monday, March 2, 2009

Italian Wedding Soup & A Hair Ball.....

Okay....I know its sound totally gross, but I can explain.....I swear!! As most of you know who follow this blog or have seen some of my post at MDC....know that I have dreads, well.... HAD dreads.... yesterday I had my mom brush each and everyone of them OUT!! It took about 2 hours total and I really dont regret it. I had my dreads since Dec. 23, 2008.....and I guess all I can say is they weren't really want I wanted. I just felt like a mess and I cant believe I didnt have to shave my head....Oh boy was I glad about that. I really dont know if i'll ever have dreads again, but I can say that if I do decide to have them again I am going to take better care and probably wait till my hair is a bit longer. ( Oh thats something I'm loving now is my longer hair -- oh oh and the ability to run my fingers through it!!) Now about the whole "hair ball" thing. I guess as some would figure...having dreads means not brushing your hair...rriiiighhhtt?? Well, when we brushed out my hair you can imagine all the hair that was just waiting to come out as soon as that comb touched my head.... so I was left with this HUGE ball of hair. And then I thought "well I cant just let all this hair go to waist.... LETS GET CREATIVE..... so, I pulled out my felting needle and a bit of wool and Ta-Da!! I GOT A BIG BALL OF HAIR WITH A PRETTY LITTLE SWIRLY THING AROUND IT. Okay, maybe it is a little strange....creepy perhaps, but I look at it as my little souvenir for having dreads.... haha. Well, I think its pretty cool. Now on to the yummy part of the blog (and my first set of images here). I was watching Barefoot Contessa today and OMG!! I saw her make some Italian Wedding Soup and it looked I just HAD to make some. It was a big hit. And instead of making the meatballs out of chicken/chicken sausage....I made them out of turkey/turkey sausage. It was sooooooooooo good. I am so glad I'm not a vegetarian anymore (haha). I pretty much followed along the lines of this dish being a "traditional foods" dish. At least I can say that it was a "real foods" dish. I also made some homemade wheat bread today to go with the soup. Mmmmm..... It was all so so good. Well, I hope you all enjoy these pictures and have a wonderful day!! Mmm... Such a wonderful soup!!

Here is my creepy/crafty little hairball. haha.

Before the finishing touches were put on it.

How the heck did she manage to get my hair un-knotted??

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