Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm not a veg-head anymore!!

*Breaking News* The Evans family is no longer *vegetarian*, but instead have adopted a "Traditional Food Diet".

Thats right folks......after doing quite a bit of research today my husband and I have decided to stop with the vegetarian lifestyle we adopted over 3 years ago and switch to a "traditional food(s) diet" We decided that we just weren't healthy. Within the 3 years that we have been *veg we have both gained a lot of weight and just over all have been unhealthy. I have developed terrible rosacea on top of it all. I have recently talked to a bunch of moms on MDC who have bascially experienced the same things I have been going through since becoming *veg and most of them switched to a "TFD" and all feel better and are over all healthier. I have a lot of confidence that this will help my self as well as my family to living a more healthful life. I recieved a load of great advice today as well as book recomendations to get me started and I thank each and everyone of you. This will be a lifestyle learning process, and i'm excited to see the results that will come from being on this diet. "One step at a time".

(I had my first burger today -- first one in 3 years and I have to say that I'm not as disgusted as I thought I would be eating meat again, but it was different. We have decided that we will only eat all natural/organic/local BEEF. Nothing else. One thing that was perticularly hard for me to do was see my son (who is 17mo) eat meat for the first time. But as soon as he had a bite he responded with a "MMmmmmm". So I guess he was a meat eater all along. (haha). ) I will have pictures up soon of "Meat Eating Experience" (lol). **more explanations of why we went for the TFD coming up within the next few blogs so stay tuned**

(TDF= Traditional Food(s) Diet)


  1. I just came to your blog from MDC. I went veg for just a few months before making the switch to a TF diet and I can say that I feel it was the wisest choice we have made nutritionally yet! I wish you the best in your journey!

    And I LOVE your music playlist, I've just let it run this AM while the boys and I played UNO. It's like I picked every song myself, haha!!

  2. my mum has been a succesful vegetarian for about 20 years. I tried it for about 6 months and nearly died if not for a transfusion or 2 because we found out I become anaemic if I dont eat meat and cannot tolerate fake iron or non haem iron. p.s i truly hate eating meat and only eat what I am made to eat lol. Everyones body ends up telling themm what they need to eat, at least you didnt ignore yours like many people do whether theyre vegs vegans or tdfs...


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