Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hello Everyone...

I'm updating a little sooner than I thought I would be, but oh well....its my blog and i'll write when I want to. (haha). So since yesterdays post my family and I have worked in our garden...putting the finishing touches on things -next up is planting some seeds- here is our line up:
*Green Beans
Thats all I can think of at the moment...I'm sure i'm forgetting a couple. Anywho... Also since yesterday we have had at least 3 of our eggs start to hatch. We are so excited. And so I will leave you with a few pictures that I took today. Enjoy!!
(above)- Here are my feet after working in the garden....See that big toe? I'm famous for that big toe....It seriously "runs" on my dads side of the family. Haha. Everyone knows that "Kellie has a really really big....big toe" But I'm damn proud of it!!
Here we have my feet in my garden shoes (otherwise known as "crocs"). They make good gardening shoes I think.
Our rusty ol' birdfeeder in the front yard.
The top of the feeder.... (I really like how the close up pictures turned out!!)
Our pine cone bird feeder which use to have some peanut butter and feed smeared on in.
Nothing says "summer" like clothes (especially diapers) being hung outside for the nice warm sun to dry them.
Here is our garden thus far.....
Not bad for first time gardeners I'd say.
My husband found this little fella with part of one of his back legs missing.....thats why he is sitting so still for the picture. :)
My little guy standing in front of our storage shed.
My husband putting the border around our garden.
A little "before" shot of the garden.
Here is a picture of one of the eggs that started to pip. (the first one in fact)..... *Top middle egg*

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