Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some updates and tons of pictures...

So I know its been awhile since I've posted (sorry). I have been super busy. My husband and I have started to work on our garden. I've never had a garden of my own before so I'm really excited. We have been preparing a spot for our garden the past week or so. Haven't been able to do much the past few days because its been so cold and rainy, but as soon as it warms back up I hope to get back out there and fix it on up. We need to mix in some compost (store bought because we have already used up the small amount of home-made compost we had) and make sure that its not going to freeze anymore and hopefully plant some seeds after that!! (cross your fingers that this garden turns out a ton of veggies and herbs)!!. Also we have been incubating some chicken eggs that we got from my sister-in-laws homeschool group (I've been meaning to get some pictures....another time perhaps). They should start pipping around the we're really excited to see how they turn out!!. But here are some pictures that I have taken recently...some of our garden, Liam, and Liam's new lambskin comforter!! Enjoy and have a wonderful day!! (above)...So here is our Maggie-girl sleepin' on our sweet.
Liam and daddy lookin' out our bedroom window
Still looking....
Liam and his dirt face
Our unfinished chicken coop that my husband is building.
The garden area.
Liam and his really neat cow rain boots that his Gramps bought him. (great for the garden!!)
Gettin' dirty!!
Putting dirt on his sippy cup (I caught him eating some dirt from the garden that day....haha)
Diggin' and diggin'...
A really neat root I found while digging.
Our little garden catty for the day.
Josh(hubby) Digging...
Liam and his dirty cloth diaper...
Drinking some ice water...
"I Am The Garden Warrior"!!!!!!!!
Still sippin' away....
another view of our backyard...
Liam on his lambskin and quilt I made for him.

Ahhh...cozy sleeping.


  1. I was hunting for some neat new blogs to read, so I started with fellow North Carolinians.

    I will be adding you to my blogroll.

    I like this one a lot.

  2. sorry i havent written back to your email, i had it open on my screen lots of times and then got distracted by various unimportant things each time! how cool that your getting a garden started, its looking great so far. not long till the chickies hatch now. i hatched 4 of ours from eggs (ok so i cant take the credit, actually my chook boots did all the work lol) its so exciting when they finally hatch! love the pics of liam gettin good and grotty in the garden, could anything be more fun for a kid? i love his quilt! he looks just like you in the 4th pic (except for the grotty face of course he he)

  3. Aww how cute. I can not WAIT for spring, I am sick of being cooped up, sick of the cold.. I want to garden, too!!

    Good luck with yours, and love your blog!


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