Thursday, June 20, 2013

Around The Nest.

Images of pieces that make up the space I call home.
Descriptions below.


* A lovely handmade serving dish found at my local thrift store
* A beautiful & delicate wing found this morning by my boys
* A funky little print that I acquired somewhere along the way
* A girl and her sheep (not sure of the actual name of the painting). A picture that I fell in love with the moment I saw it
* A photograph I took at my husbands childhood home
*One of my most favorite magnets, bought early on in my marriage. It always makes me smile
(woodland animal magnets by MonkeysOnTheRoof)
* A favorite piece of pottery - also found at the thrift store
* The display of in my living room. Candles, pictures, a much loved painting by my father & my pink Himalayan crystal tea light candle holder 
* Happy images of the children playing with their homemade playdough
* My crucifix that hangs in our home that greets each person who enters
* Last but not least, my ever improving craft area

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