Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Time and the Livin' is Easy...

Ahh...the sweet, simple joys of summer. This summer is especially sweet so far because I recently found out that I am pregnant. : ) I am just so thankful that by the time I am huge, it wont be so darn hot outside. (Like the last pregnancy)....Anywho... I have just been busy sleeping (thanks to the first trimester...haha) and making yummy food and sweet summer drinks. Thank goodness so far (knock on wood) that I havent really had bad morning sickness...I do get a tiny bit queasy here and there, but its nothing like last time. So here below I have posted some pictures of my super yummy "Masonades" I got the recipe from I was so inspired that I had to make my own. I give all the credit to her!! Its now my mothers favorite lemonade...Its the only kind that doesn't give her heartburn.... Its so simple and easy and just plain yummy and perfect for summer. (making "Masonade")
Here is my mother and my nephew sporting the new "Sleepy Wrap" she got me for the new baby on the way.
It came in this really awesome carrying bag.
The fabric is so soft and I just love the chocolate brown color I picked out.
Mmm...Lemons!!!! My favorite citrus.

Okay so here is the South Eastern North Carolina BBQ sauce (vinegar based) my husband and I made for our pulled pork. Everyone just loved it... I however had some of the "queasies" kick in and really didn't enjoy it. Haha.

Well I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!!


  1. Ooh, we are addicted to making our own homemade lemonade, I did a post about it a little while back too! Everything looks good in a mason jar, candles, flowers... lemonade sounds just perfect! : )
    btw, love the sleepy wrap, there is nothing like wearing your babe!!


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