Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy Week.......*phew...

Okay so this week has been a busy one. My Older sister Heather came for a visit. She stayed for 6 days and she is the best!! Since she is so much older than I am I didnt really get to see much of her when I was growing up so its nice for her to come and visit every once in awhile. She is an awesome Hair Stylist and so when she comes for a visit my mom, younger sister, and myself always get our hair done. (Its about time....mine was looking like a mop). haha. Also today I scored some sweet stuff at our local thrift store. My husband found a really neat little wooden truck and I found some material to sew with...along with some books and buttons...oh oh and this really neat little wooden step stool with a cow and a chicken painted on it for Liam. I tell ya....I could take all day shopping in a thrift store. Also This evening I made a wonderful California Waldorf Salad ( You can find the recipe at www.earthboundfarm.com ) and I made a really nice, very simple focaccia with some caramelized onions on top... Mmmm.... ( You can find the focaccia recipe I made and other wonderful versions at www.recipezaar.com The one I made was the highest rated focaccia recipe ). Oh and before I forget to tell you I also made some natural citrus candy using the peels of different citrus fruits. I made mine from orange and lemon peels. Oh so gooooood. (Above) My super awesome and very healthy California Waldorf Salad w/ ginger-lime dressing!!
Some sweet little books I found at the thrift store.
Mmm...Orange/Lemon peel candy.

My older sis Heather w/ Seamus
Some sewing and craft books.
Pretty ribbon.
Liam's new toy truck.

Sweet fabric I found. I love the nice summer colors.

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  1. I love opp shops, The wooden truck a great find...:)


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