Thursday, April 2, 2009

My crafty little projects...

Here are just a few sewing projects I have done in the past. I started off trying to sew cloth diapers, but I'm just not that into that anymore. Now what I am doing for myself is making cloth pads. I origninally bought some pads from Glad Rags, but the package that I got just didnt give me enough of the big night time pads (I need the extra coverage...if ya know what I mean) so I decided to trace the pads' pattern and make some for myself (Of course I do not sell these). And they work just fine. But here are some pictures of the past items I have sewn. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(above)...Here is one of the cloth pads I have made.

A cute cloth diaper I made
The KCK One diaper I made.
This here is the very first cloth diaper I made.
This diaper is patchwork with the velcro in the back.
inside flap.
Inside flap.
All of the longies I made using old sweaters.
I had an old Grateful Dead shirt and I turned it into one of my son's cloth diapers. With a space print fleece on the inside.

And here are some wipes I made a long time ago and they are still being put to good use to this day.

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  1. good job with all your craft projects, especially that first craft project, you made him very well, such a cutie:) i make pads outa hemp fleece fabric, it is sooo absorbent, if you ever get the chance i highly recomend it for pads or nappies (thats what ive mostly heard of it being used for and raved about)bought it over the net for similar price to regular fleece fabric but its does a much better job imo. hows things in your neck of the woods? hope you have a great weekend


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