Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Busy, Sick & Happy

 I told him to smile, so of course he growled at me. 
 Such serious looks!
Spring is finally upon us, well, kind of. Like I've written before, here in NC, the seasons are never in order. The other day it was almost 70 degrees, today, we could see snow. Oh well. When the spring weather comes to stay, it will be short lived and then the heat and humidity will set in. Fast.
The last week was filled with visiting family, fun impromptu photo shoots, thrift store finds and an illness I am still trying to shake. Hopefully this hacking cough will be done with for good, soon! The next week will be filled with lots of shop work. (I should probably get my hands on some more coffee.)
Now off to find some Catholic Easter crafting inspiration on you guessed it.

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