Sunday, November 3, 2013

Feeling It.

I'm feeling it lately. The changing season. The air. It's all different, yet so familiar. I've been so unmotivated these last few months, but something has changed recently. I've had the itch to create once again. My shop has been pretty dead lately and I want that to change! I have so many ideas and have been inspired by so many beautiful things lately that I just have to create!  Having three boys makes having extra time hard to find.
My most recent project is this sweet little sock monkey (shown above). My boys have sweetly named him Mr. Monkey and he was made with lots of love ( & some mistakes too.) 
I plan to add some to my shop once I get the stitching down just right. 
Other projects are well underway as well! My husband has taken the hobby of home brewing. He has been writing about his beer making journey on his own blog Bear Foot Brewer. He's pretty new to the blogging world, so please stop on by and show him some love! 
We are about halfway done with the fermentation process and will bottle in a week or so. I can't wait to taste the finished product! 

Wishing everyone the loveliest of days! 


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