Thursday, January 31, 2013

Somewhere at an awesome birthday party...

So my little man turned 3 last week and he requested an Aquabats themed birthday. Oh how he loves The Aquabats. I didn't find out until yesterday that they now actually have some Aquabats themed birthday party supplies (that would have been nice to know about 2 weeks ago!) but the party, as simple as it was, still turned out great in my opinion. 
 We made each of our boys an Aquabats shirt to wear to the party

 We decided to to donuts instead of cake because The Aquabats actually have a song dedicated to eating donuts and it seemed to fit perfectly. (and who doesn't love donuts?!)

 Little "MC Bat Commanders" 
 Yes, even the littlest got in on the action (can you tell that he is in a hand-me-down bouncer from his female cousin??)
Time to make a wish!! 
We were going to make "tiny burgers" (another tribute to The Aquabats), but alas, we decided to go more simple and have "tiny hot dogs".

It was fun, Rowan had fun -which is what mattered most- it was a good day. 

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