Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Cleaning Spray Recipe!

Natural, homemade cleaners are nothing new to most of us, but I ran across an "all purpose" cleaning spray recipe today (website below) that had the most wonderful essential oil combination so I just had to share it here with you. 

All Purpose Cleaning Spray

* 32 oz Water
*1 Tbs White Vinegar
*10 drops each of Tea Tree essential oil
and Lemon essential oil
(I did not use the eucalyptus oil as written because I am currently out of that EO)

*Add all ingredients to a large spray bottle, shake for a bit and you're good to go!

I just LOVE the scent combination of tea tree EO and lemon EO. It smells so fresh and clean, perfect for this time of year.

(Recipe adapted from : : Plant Life World)

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