Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cleaning Cloth Menstrual Pads

I have been using cloth menstrual pads for around 3 years and I *love* it. I have found there are many ways of cleaning cloth pads. Much like cloth diapers. It's all about personal preference. Here is my method : : after I am done with a pad, I simple wrap it up until I take my shower (which is usually more frequently done when I am on my period) and rinse them out (yes, by hand) in the shower. I ring them out as best I can, then I toss them in the wash, usually a hot wash with the towels and dry in the dryer. It's as simple as that. Now, in the past I would use Bac-Out as a pre-treatment to the pads, but for a good while now I haven't had it on hand, but today I came across a video that talks about how to wash cloth pads and they had a recipe for a very simple homemade pre-soak treatment that I love. I tweaked the recipe a bit and here is what I will be using from now on to pre-treat my cloth ::

*Cloth Mentstrual Pre-Soak*

**2 Tb hydrogen peroxide
**2 Tb liquid soap (I used lavender Dr. Bronner's)
**2 cups warm water
**10 drops of eucalyptus oil (for it's disinfecting properties)

*Add all of these ingredients into a squirt bottle/spray bottle and use to pre-treat your cloth pads

I'm really excited that I found this recipe and I hope it really helps get my pads extra clean!

(recipe adapted from Luna Pads)

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