Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Crafting...

So its finally my favorite time of year!! And I've been in the mood to do some crafting!! Something that I really been into lately is crafting with wool. I love it. I dabble is some needle felting crafts, but I think my favorite thing to do with wool so far is make "Wooly Soap" as I like to call it. Its a very simple craft and its so much fun! My latest "Wooly Soap" is this lovely plum and lavender colored soap. It took literally 10 minutes to complete. My little Liam is showing it off for me in the picture below. How cute. (oh and it smells really yummy too.....)

Now even though I'm not sure how often we are going to cloth diaper the little one we are expecting.....I still thought it would be a good idea to have a nice stash ready just in case. So I've sewn 2 more diapers to add to the collection. Its a very nice diaper pattern that I purchased on Etsy and I hope that when it comes time to use them, they will be perfect. Its a very versitile pattern. No serger required, no velcro, no snaps, no elastic, NOTHING!! And there is no wrong way to put this diaper on. (In other words, no back). And because its fleece...its snappiable. Oh and I turned these ones into pocket diapers so I could stuff them with a regular burp cloth. I thought these would be really nice on a newborn especially. Here are some pictures of my latest 2 diapers below.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!! God Bless.

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