Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life can sometimes be stressful...

Okay so I know its been forever since I've posted, and I swear I will eventually get some new pictures up here, but things have been crazy for me lately. We found out that my dad has cancer so that has obviously been on my mind a lot and also we just found out that my granny has breast cancer. : ( UGH!! to top it off I have been feeling sick during this pregnancy and all the stress at times can seem unbearable. I just try to keep my faith strong and pull through this whole ordeal, I just haven't felt like doing much at all lately. I just hope my energy and spirit pick up soon. Prayers and good thoughts would be greatly appriciated!! Just keep checking back b/c hopefully i'll have something to look at soon!! Hope all is well with you.

(In the mean time check out my playlist for a viariety of awesome music!! I update it frequently)

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